”I never lose either I win or I learn.”

Noah Mannhart

About US

Our Philosophy

Cleverinvesting was founded in 2021 to increase the knowledge of finance in the society. With four employees, we have a lot of knowledge and experience in this field. As a well-coordinated team, we have many talents and skills that we can access. In addition, we work with independent financial advisors. We distinguish ourselves from other companies with our transparency and independence.

Our mission is to make the complex world of investing understandable to everyone. With Cleverinvesting’s e-learning program you will learn how the stock market works, what investment strategies are available and how to invest successfully for the long term.

Our e-learning is designed to build real investment strategies. In addition you can also benefit from our monthly stock analysis.


The Team


Noah Mannhart



Our standards

  • Simplify and structure the financial world.
  • Improve the knowledge of finance in society.
  • Fully transparency and honesty for our customers.
  • Offer high quality products that can do more than grow your money.

Our Story


Noah Mannhart founded Cleverinvesting to improve knowledge about finance in society

12 April 2021

Web presence & lancing

Cleverinvesting can be found on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

24 April 2021

Company expanded

Company expanded by 3 executives, Ronny Ebnöther CMO, Sangeeth Sivakumaran CTO and Till Gehlhhar CAO

23 June 2021


We have succeeded in convincing numerous investors of our business idea

04 October 2021

Published our own book

CEO Noah Mannhart publishes his book on investing in times of crisis

14 May 2022

Launch of our E-Learning

Our main product could be published with a lot of diligence and work and is now available

29 August 2022

Our Broker

Our complete securities account is with Swissquote.

Swissquote is a Swiss broker and convinces me with their clear app, the good webinars, their transparency, and the favorable conditions.

With the following sponsor code, you will receive CHF 100.- trading credits when you open your account:


Link to the account opening: